Event Recap – Thank You!

Tony Quinn filled the room with laughter while I had the opportunity to meet and have pictures taken by the Atlantic Superstore representatives with everyone who had attended, (while holding the hand of our great Lunenburg Mayor himself, Don Downe). It was an amazing night with great auction items; including the number one hit which was a painting of the beginning work of the $15M contract of our Bluenose.

The food was amazing; the Best Western staff was incredible. It helped the event go very smoothly!

I had a wonderful time and it seemed like everyone there also had a great time. I have so many people to thank. Everyone who attended and everyone who has made donations so far are much appreciated. Every little bit helps.

I can’t wait to get to Florida with one purpose only; training the hardest I can each and everyday to help my dream come true, representing my Province, Country, and all of who are with me every step of the way.

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