Myo Armour Nutrition-A Must Have!

I am absolutely addicted to the Myo Amour Pro supplements and I am pleased to have them as a proud supporter!

What makes their products so great is that they have an advanced whey protein isolate with no fillers, zero carbohydrates, zero fat and sweetened with Splenda. So you know exactly what is going into your body! My favorite is their chocolate whey protein…It tastes AMAZING, I can’t wait to drink it after my workouts.

You should check out their products along with training programs on their site: Power Tek Fitness and follow them on Facebook: Myo Armour Nutrition.

These products will help you make a better and healthier you:)



Tickets for Sale – You Could Win!

Fundraiser Draw, Buy a Ticket, Support Jenna and WIN!
Where? :
Scotia Bank in Lunenburg County, Liverpool, Middleton and Bridgetown NS are all selling the tickets.
When? :
Tickets are on sale NOW! The draw is on the 23rd of Dec at 3 pm at Scotia Bank in the Bridgewater NS Mall.
ScotiaBank is matching all ticket proceeds $ for $ to a maximum of $5000!!
Tickets can also be purchased from Greg Rafuse at (902)543-146. We also encourage anyone who wishes to assist in ticket sales to contact Greg to find out how they can get involved.